Hello World Again

1 Feb, 2019

This should be the first new article to this blog after the new domain https://en.typeblog.net is online.

Long story short, I've not been writing or even doing anything productive for a while due to some "emotional" problems. I'll probably write something about it in the future, but now I might be feeling better and might be able to restart my blog, starting from this one.

This is not my main blog, instead it's just an alias domain to the Listed service of StandardNotes, which is far more convenient to maintain since it directly connects to my StandardNotes notebook. The comfortable writing experience is part of the motivation for me to restart blogging and try to become normal again. I should post something about the FOSS and self-hosted note tool StandardNotes soon - it has become much better since I last used it before my "emotional" problems arised.

The update here might be more frequent because I'll post whatever I am thinking about directly from my personal notes (of course, I only post stuff that I think appropriate to publish). Some of them might not even be complete articles, but rather drafts or ideas for future articles that I think I should tell everyone beforehand. In addition, since my main blog, https://typeblog.net, is Chinese-only, this will also be the place that I post English-only posts.

You can subscribe to this English version of my blog from the home page via e-mail. The only drawback is that I can't integrate this one with my ISSO comment system to receive feedbacks and discussions. Some may prefer it this way, but personally I'd say the fun of blogging is partly brought by those discussions. I'll probably investigate more on the possiblity of this soon.

So, yeah. Hello, world, again.